Introducing EZHangout...

...The all in one branding and broadcasting platform

...For live Google Hangouts

Hosting live Google Hangouts while branding

yourself just got incredibly EZ!

Hangouts is the leading way of attracting a live audience

Connect with a live audience

Build your personal team or brand

Enroll new team mates

On Air Hangouts

  • Broadcast live or recorded hangouts via the EZHangout platform
  • Use the page you create as a video sales page with call to action buttons
  • Display real time banner announcements
  • Use the pre-video function so viewers don't have to refresh the page when hangout begins
  • Countdown timer lets your audience know exactly when hangout begins

Team Building

  • Share your dynamic affiliate link with your entire team
  • Each affiliate will benefit from the hangout
  • Have up to 10 team members on at once
  • Brand your team with pictures of each hangout participant

Visitor Interactions

  • Facebook & Livefyre comments for audience conversation
  • Scarcity banners for quick action takers
  • Offer bonus / giveaways via real time header banner
  • Live chat field integration for private messaging

Customize your Hangout Page with beautiful Bannners that reflect your brand!


  • Custom banner image capability
  • Create a matching background color
  • Automatic banner hide
  • Banner description text with customized font and color

Side bars

  • Left and right side call to action banners
  • Scarcity banners with timer
  • Blog banner style images displayed on left and right side
  • Text option describing the action required


  • Ability to have a solid color background
  • Custom background image capability
  • Mobile responsive page
  • Video transparent border
  • Video countdown status
  • Video header option that describes the coming attraction
  • Pre-video video page plays until live event starts – No refreshing of page needed
  • Write a detailed announcement describing the hangout event
  • Custom call to action video buttons or let system create your call to action buttons

Team picture option

  • Upload picture of each hangout participant
  • Ability to add name of hangout out participant
  • Adds new recipients in real time – no refreshing of page needed

Social share buttons

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus
  • Share buttons with custom image capability
  • Add call to action description to your social buttons


  • Add Facebook comments to your EZHangout page
  • Add Livefyre comments to your EZHangout page


  • Add SEO information for the search engine bots
  • Retargeting field for visitor retention
  • Javascript for chat option
  • Site title option that appears in browser
  • Javascript field for Google Analytics tracking

Not an expert web designer? Well now, you don’t need to be!

  • No fancy HTML or Java coding experience needed
  • Hosted on our lightning speed servers, EZHangout is now available to anyone with an idea and a dream.
  • EZHangout also allows you to use your own custom domain that links directly to the page you’ll create.

Now you can brand and broadcast your vision to the world with a beautiful page and eye catching calls to action

Scarcity banner

Call to action banner

Promotional banner

Other Powerful Features and Capabilities

Add an unlimited amount of buttons to your page.

Use any custom domain for referral links

Add any third-party tracking code to your page

Add custom footer text using font size and color of your choice

Upload your own background images and/or choose your own background color

How it works

Use your own domain name and point it to your assigned EZHangout user name that you create.

Add your content to your page using our EZ Uploader tool.

Go LIVE by publishing your creation, usually in less than 10 minutes

Start your very own Hangout website today by choosing a – Plan.

Tap in to EZHangout with full access for less than $0.16 a day